Once upon a time,

Cubby & Co. began in our tiny studio apartment in Brooklyn Heights. Wanting to make each other laugh, we would take a giant pad of paper to the park on weekends and sketch ideas for greeting cards. Over the next few months, we settled on our style, shaping the look and feel of our cards.

Wanting to be closer to family, we relocated to Atlanta, and began sharing our work at a variety of local popup events. The positive reactions from customers motivated us to expand our line and reach out to shop owners who might be interested in carrying our cards.

We have learned so much working together and relying on one another's strengths to bring our business to life and grow as a team. Making each other laugh and giving our customers a smile remain our highest priority. 

We're excited to push ourselves in new directions creatively, and to have our work be a part of life's special moments.

Jennifer & Jacob

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